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Featuring 100% Halal menu items
ranging from steak, chicken, lamb, beef, and turkey products.

Middle East Market & Deli

Driving along the Orange Blossom Trail, you’ll find a hidden gem that’s a bit of everything rolled into one with Middle East Market & Deli. It’s part deli with a selection of delicious ready-made foods to take away. It’s part restaurant where you can grab a table and order off the menu of Middle Eastern delights like hummus, baba ganoush, and pitas, to name a few. It’s part specialty grocery store where you’ll find the basics you need for your home. And it’s part a hookah supply, making it a unique yet reliable one-stop shop of sorts.

Pop in for lunch or dinner. If you have time, stay a while in a place where you’re welcomed in by the friendly staff. It’s comfortably casual for a bite to eat so pull up a chair at one of the tables. No time to sit and stay? You can take it with you. There are pre-made items that you can simply grab and go that are made fresh each day. Or you can order something off the menu to go too, like the falafel or the shawarma pita, which have practically put Middle East Market & Deli on the map! Accompanying sauces served here are as authentic as it gets with traditional garlic sauce, tahini, and if you’re daring enough, the spicy sauce which will bring a tear to your eye in the most delightful way.

And while you’re here, grab some of your favorite Middle Eastern imports from the grocery section, or even regular basics so you don’t have to make a trip to Walmart, Aldi, Publix or any other supermarket just to grab soap, laundry detergent, coffee or any other thing you might have suddenly realized you forgot to pick up the last time you went to the grocery store.

Unlike any other grocery store though, you’ll be able to get fresh-baked baklava, walnut cookies, and other delectable Middle Eastern pastries that are hard to find outside the Middle East. And you’ll also be able to get just what you need for your hookah too, right inside the Middle East Market & Deli store. Make it your one-stop stop today!

Sample Dishes

Baba Ganoush

Veggie Platter

Chicken Shish Took Platter

Kebab Platter

Chicken or Lamb Shawarma Platter

Pickle Platter

Gyro Platter

Pita Bread

Baklava Dessert

Our Menu

The menu at Middle East Market & Deli features authentic Middle Eastern offerings that are carefully crafted in the traditional way. From appetizers (called Mezza here) to pitas and beyond, you’re going to love the original and savory flavors. Take a look at a sampling of the menu:


Pita Wraps


Pies / Baked fresh daily



Specialty Plates at
Middle East Market & Deli

The plates at Middle East Market & Deli are truly special. If you’re really hungry and you want lots of food, this is the part of the menu to gravitate toward. There’s one with kabobs, where you get a choice of chicken or kafta. It comes with rice and you have the option to order it with one side, or make it an even bigger meal by ordering two sides.

The grapeleaves plate gives you a choice of 4 meat-stuffed grapeleaves, or you can choose 4 vegetarian-stuffed ones. Or, why not try both and get 2 and 2? This one comes with two sides and a warm pita. Bonus: stuff your pita with stuffed grapeleaves and it’s heavenly!

The kibbi plate also gives you a choice of meat or veggie kibbi. You get two pieces of whichever one you choose along with two sides and a warm pita to enjoy it with.

Perhaps one of the greatest foods to come from the Middle East is falafel. If you love falafel, the falafel plate is your dream come true. You get 4 pieces, two sides and a warm pita. Falafel is vegetarian, however if you want a vegetarian meal that will stuff you full, the veggie plate allows you to choose 3 veggie items to create your own plate just the way you want it. Talk about fresh!